ICE Multi-Decks

Koxka ICE is a range of top-quality remote refrigerated multi-deck cabinets. They offer flexible installation and efficiency for store surfaces, improving the shopping experience.

Vertical positive refrigerated multi-deck cabinet used to display meat, fish, deli food, dairy products, vegetables, fruit and fourth range products.

You will find different solutions for your store in our wide range of vertical multi-deck cabinets:

  • Open and closed vertical multi-deck cabinets
  • Open and closed semi-vertical multi-deck cabinets
  • Roll-in and rear cabinets

Designed in compliance with the Ecodesign directive to reduce the environmental impact.

Wide range of options, accessories and side panels.

Endless combinations and customization possibilities, which make this the largest family in the Koxka portfolio.


Open vertical multi-deck cabinet designed with special dimensions to reduce the space inside the store, but with a high capacity to display refrigerated products.


Open vertical multi-deck cabinets with Koxka's multi-jet air system. This system allows the preservation of products at the adequate temperature and with the lowest consumption of energy in the market.


MG is the new closed multideck with maximum visibility and optimum product preservation that can be installed even in the most demanding environmental conditions.


Wide range of positive refrigeration multi-deck cabinets that allow the design of sales spaces where the global visibility of the store is a priority.


Positive closed semi-vertical refrigeration multi-deck cabinets with double doors that allow the design of sales spaces where the global visibility of the store is a priority.


The roll in is a subfamily in the range of Koxka wall that allows exposure of refrigerated products directly on the carriage. His liftable front loading allows ergonomic furniture and ventilated shelf optimal preservation of exposed product.


Koxka rear cabinets have been designed to store and display products in a single cabinet Its worktop allows products to be prepared on top and then stored inside the storage camber and/or display products on its horizontal decks