ICE Plugin Frozen

Koxka ICE Plug in is a range of top-quality plug-in refrigerated multi-deck cabinets.

They offer flexible installation and efficiency for store surfaces, improving the shopping experience.

The range of freezer showcases features models that have been designed to create selling spaces, providing solutions that combine three basic concepts: Refrigerated, Mobile and Personal

  • Refrigerated: Designed for the correct preservation of sensitive products and tested in Koxka’s laboratories. Experts in refrigeration solutions
  • Mobile: they can be attached, joined, etc. and feature wheels that allow you to move them anywhere
  • Personal: Fully customizable with different colors, fenders, etc. and with optional equipment possibilities

The Koxka ICE range of vertical multi-deck freezer cabinets offers different models to display frozen products:

  • Open and closed islands
  • Chest freezers
  • Cabinets
  • Mixed freezer cabinets

Designed in compliance with the Ecodesign directive to reduce the environmental impact.


MG is the new closed multideck with maximum visibility and optimum product preservation that can be installed even in the most demanding environmental conditions


Your customers rely on you to give them fresh quality products when they need them. The counters in the ICE PLUG IN range are the most reliable ever, giving you the perfect tool to do just that. Their high capacity and large display area enhance the customer experience, resulting in impulse buys and repeated business.


Plug-in frozen chest Joinable to form lines or islands back to back.