Koxka is formed by a team of professionals and investors with an industrial vocation and having a long-term perspective. Structurally it is composed of several groups of people; first, the founders and promoters of this project, highly qualified and experienced professionals in the Refrigeration industry in both Commercial and Industrial Areas. Besides, reputed local entrepreneurs take part in this Project, with extensive business experience and globally positioned in various sectors, including commercial refrigeration.

Thus is formed a solid team with a passion for work, and in turn an aligned, flexible and customer oriented organization.

  • Experienced Commercial team having contacts at major supermarket chains, as well as an extensive network of distributors with worldwide coverage.
  • High standards in product design in order to achieve leading solutions in Quality and Energy Efficiency. Tests at independent certified labs have shown that Koxka products are benchmark brands in both energy consumption and product temperatures.
  • In the Industrial Area, leaders with expertise in advanced production systems and customer orientated Integral Quality.

For this purpose, Koxka has important assets that support the business plan in the short, medium and long term:

  • Commercial branch offices located in strategic markets.
  • Extensive network of distributors with global coverage.
  • Team experienced in marketing and R & D with the most advanced design and simulation programs and laboratory rooms according to standard ISO23953 and AS1731.
  • Manufacturing capacity of 50,000 Units / year
  • Various patents disclosing solutions concerning refrigerators and evaporators


  • Our goal is to create efficient sales spaces offering refrigeration projects tailored to customer needs.
  • That’s why our solutions range from the design of refrigerator units to TURNKEY REFRIGERATION PROJECTS.