MONOPRIX Tunez 2017Túnez


Photos correspond to Monoprix Zayetin Aouina in Tunis.

It is the third supermarket in Tunisia equipped with water loop system from Krystal. Cold production is no longer centralized but each cabinet or air conditioning unit has its own production unit linked to a common water loop system. Energy saving is around 50% if compared to a traditional system even in theoretically non-ideal climatic conditions.

All the existing supermarkets of this kind are of some 1,500 m2 and the last two are equipped with specially adapted Koxka cabinets.

We must stress the fact that the technology used in these last two is used for the first time ever. A great job done by Electroclim as Installer close partnering with Krystal and Grupo K has been rewarded with a remarkable success. The proposal is to be the standard for future supermarkets of this size and larger.