Kgroup renames its company, which is now called Koxka.

Cambio nombre comercial Koxka

As part of the new Strategic Plan, as of January 2019 it will be following a new brand strategy, which will affect both the company’s trade name and its brands Koxka and Kobol.

Kgroup, the multinational that encompasses the Koxka and Kobol brands, has decided to start using the trade name Koxka.

Thus facilitating communications with its customers, partners and employees, thanks to the strength of its most symbolic brand, Koxka, maintaining Grupo K Refrigeración as legal entity.

Similarly, and with respect to its brands Koxka and Kobol, these have been unified under the said Koxka brand.

Koxka, used up to now in fridge units will also be applied to the company’s other products, i.e. evaporators, condensers, cyrogenic cells and batteries, and on new and future products.

Koxka was founded in 1966 and has been a worldwide reference in industrial refrigeration for over 50 years. This worldwide leadership and recognition, backed up by a number of international awards, is a brand strength the company wants to make the most of.