Semi-vertical multi-deck cabinets are designed to look like a Showcase

  • They are available in 3 heights, 2 widths, 4 modulations + headers + angles
  • Compact chassis, compact hood, cake store model
  • Also available with serve-over counters for cake stores

Classification of the reference model according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2018 on Ecodesign. Consult EPREL database for different configurations.

  • SVS726
  • SVS723
  • SVS724
  • SVS723NC
  • SVS724NC
  • SVS724LF
  • VTP
  • Ideal for the display of pre-packed meat, dairy and delicatessen
  • Complementary models to the counters range
  • Different heights and configurations (Plug in, no canopy, reduced base)
  • Traditional service with rear loading (VTP) and Self service (SVS)
  • Same front as counters allowing to create continuous runs
  • Inner and outer corners modules for a more flexible store configuration
  • Similar flexibility of configuration as counters
  • Model with double sliding doors (SVG 724)

Display area

  • Reduced canopy
  • Adjustable grids
  • Shelves
  • Stainless Steel Rear Panel
  • Cylindrical pillar cover plate
  • Deli bar
  • Display for Fish/Meat
  • Fan guard
  • Glass shelves for Patisserie
  • Kickplate Lighting
  • Perspex Shelf Upstand
  • Ticket Rail
  • Wire Divider
  • Wire Shelf Upstand


  • More than 50 colours for exterior and interior customization of the cases
  • Bumpers available in 6 different colours (including a transparent one) with 15 different insert colours.
  • Different colours and sizes for ticket strip
  • Different lighting colours

Temperature control

  • Electric defrost
  • Electronic control
  • Electronic control with communication card

Energy efficiency and savings

  • Night blind *(not valid for SVG724)
  • High efficiency fans
  • T8 lighting with electronic ballast (canopy and shelves)
  • T5 HE (High Efficiency) lighting with low consumption
  • T5 HO (High Output) lighting – low consumption and maximum brightness *(standard for SVG724)
  • AKV electronic valve

Flexible installation

  • Panoramic and mirror end panels
  • End panel mirrored both sides
  • Fixed perspex divider
  • Integral condensing unit
  • Rear cover panel
  • Inner & Outer corner cases *(not valid for SVG724)
  • CO2 (R744) as refrigerant
  • Ethylene Glycol / Water mixture as refrigerant