Range of horizontal freezing cabinets

  • Energy saving versions and models with built-in Koxka covers are available.
  • In addition, islands can be configured with any other type of cover and with a wide range of accessories and options.
  • You can find modules and headers that will allow the most dynamic layout at the store.

Classification of the reference model according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2018 on Ecodesign. Consult EPREL database for different configurations.

  • GC34
  • GC38
  • GC38+GC38
  • GC34
  • GCS38
  • GC34+LIDS
  • GC38+LIDS
  • GC38+GC38+LIDS
  • GC54+LIDS
  • Increased internal volume
  • Up to 20% energy saving
  • Higher optimization of floor space
  • Three display depths [610-845-1215 mm]
  • Choice of glazed or solid façade or a combination of
  • Coil adapted for CO2 technology
  • Optional sliding lids for even greater energy savings
  • Improved Display/Total Space ratio
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Glazed versions enable full vision of the displayed
  • The energy saving versions include:
    • Koxka Lids
    • High efficiency fans
  • Glazed and solid
  • Back to back layout
  • In case of Frozen Food Promotions, they can be configured as a double island with crown ends

Display area

  • Special air return grid for products in bulk
  • Adjustable grid
  • Fixed perspex divider
  • High Resistance Fixed Perspex divider
  • Cross perspex divider
  • Cross and longitudinal wire divider


  • More than 50 colours for exterior and interior customization of the cases
  • Bumpers available in 6 different colours (including a transparent one) with 15 different insert colours.
  • Different colours and sizes for ticket strip
  • T5 Lighting option for sliding doors

Temperature control

  • Electronic control
  • Electronic control with communication card

Energy efficiency and savings

  • Night cover
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Night blind
  • Sliding doors
  • High efficiency fans
  • AKV electronic thermostatic valve
  • LED lighting

Flexible installation

  • Solid central divider
  • Solid or Glazed end panel
  • Lit Double Superstructure
  • Double superstructure sliding lids Koxka
  • Refrigerated option
  • Plinth fan
  • Lamp protection
  • Promotional end case
  • Islands Joint Kit
  • Accessories for Islands with Koxka Lids:
    • Led ilumination T5HE/ T5H0
    • T5HE Lighting
    • Price holders
  • Lighting shelf Koxka sliding lids