Diane congelado


Ranges of vertical closed freezer cabinets that can achieve the perfect preservation of the product and optimize the space inside the store.

  • Available in 2 heights, 2 widths and 4 modulations.
  • Technology with evaporator on the vat.
  • Option available with high-efficiency doors

Classification of the reference model according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2018 on Ecodesign. Consult EPREL database for different configurations.

  • DN006
  • DN008
  • DN206
  • DN208
  • Full glass door cabinet with outstanding storage capacity
  • Designed for the efficient storage and display of frozen products
  • Highest possible visibility for the frozen products displayed with minimum store space occupied
  • Automatic spring-close triple-glass doors
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Maximum uniformity of temperature
  • Models with lower evaporator
  • High efficiency doors available in order to reduce energy consumption and enhance product visibility
  • LED lighting available

Display area

  • 600 mm wire shelves (DN206, DN208)
  • 400 mm wire shelves (DN006, DN008)
  • Baskets
  • Fan guard
  • Ticket Strip
  • Front grid
  • Kickplate fan
  • Wire dividers for bin and shelves


  • More than 50 colours for exterior and interior
    case customization
  • Bumpers available in 6 different colours (including a transparent one) with 15 different insert colours
  • Different colours and sizes for ticket strip
  • Stainless steel double tube bumper

Temperature control

  • Electronic control
  • Communication card

Energy efficiency and savings

  • High efficiency doors
  • High efficiency fans
  • Electronics and thermostatics valves
  • LED lighting
  • Hot gas defrost

Flexible installation

  • Solid or Glazed end panels
  • Fixed perspex divider
  • CO2 (R744) as refrigerant
  • Ethylene Glycol / Water mixture as refrigerant
  • Cover for upper piping