Ark Plug in

ARK PLUG INICE Plug in Frozen

Plug-in frozen chest Joinable to form lines or islands back to back.

Classification of the reference model according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2018 on Ecodesign. Consult EPREL database for different configurations.

  • ARK
  • ARK-EC
  • Climatic Class 3L1 (-15 ⁰C /-18⁰C).
  • Curved tempered sliding lids for a maximum product visibility and becomes in spherical in the end crowns in order to facilitate the flow of people around the island.
  • Internal and external in galvanized steel covered with PVC according to the food regulation.
  • Adjustable floor in height .
  • 2 divider per cabinet included.
  • LED lighting
  • Temperature electronic control with digital visor and lighting switch.
  • No maintenance condenser.
  • Hot gas automatic defrost .
  • Refrigeration gas R134a or R290 (Propane).


  • Internal color in white sheet metal.
  • External color in white or black, the availability and extra price for other option color have to be check.
  • Color bumper profile.

Basket as option (maximum per model)

  • ARK-15 3 x baskets
  • ARK-20 5 x baskets
  • ARK-25 7 x baskets
  • ARK-EC —————

Non refrigerated external shelves option

  • Single shelf for lines back to wall.
  • Double shelf for island layout.
  • 2 lines of double shelves


  • Joining kit back to back
  • Transversal grids dividers
  • Priceholders
  • Internal grids