Plug in Multidecks

The Koxka new plug in range multidecks, offers flexible installation and efficiency for store surfaces, improving the shopping experience. The combination of a large variety of LED colors gives us the opportunity to customize our solutions with corporate or product promotion colors.

Solutions that combine full visibility of the product and a high capacity. You will find different solutions for your store in our wide range of vertical multi-deck cabinets:

  • Open and closed vertical multi-deck cabinets
  • Semi-vertical multi-deck cabinets


kP Ocean Open is an open plug-in multideck with maximum visibility and optimum food preservation. Ideal for the display of refrigerated perishables. This new generation is designed to ensure that multidecks can be assembled on the store.


kP Ocean Closed is a refrigerated doors multideck, like all our cabinets of the new generation has a built-in electronic control and TouchPanel which displays the temperature and allows the configuration of the perimeter LED. It is equipped with high-performing components and provides a reduction in energy consumption by up to 67%, compared to the equivalent open plug-in multideck.


kP Klein Open is our new open promotional plug -in model provides a unique and appealing area for displaying promotional products. This new open promotional plug-in multideck model provides a unique and appealing area for displaying promotional products.


kP Cobalt Closed is a vertical plug - in cabinet with triple door for frozen product, with maximum product visibility and high storage capacity. The stand out for the perfect preservation of the product and optimize the space inside the store.