With three standard shelves and canopy lighting, this Low Multideck gives your product unrivalled visibility and will
dramatically improve your selling power, especially impulse sales.

  • Energía. The SG model comes with one of the lowest energy consumption ratios on the market.
  • Flexibilidad. This model allows to display products in a high capacity vertical cabinet whilst keeping the total visibility of the shop.


  • External colour: Light grey
    Others colours under request
  • Bumpers: 7 different colours
    Blue (AZ) Green (V) Light grey (GC)
    Dark Blue (AZO) Yellow (Am)
    Red ( R) Black (N)
  • Inside colour: White
  • Lighting colour: White

Optional equipment

  • Multiplexing kit
  • Night curtain kit
  • Perspex shelf up stand

Standard equipment

  • 3 rows of height and gradient adjustable shelves
  • 40 mm ticket strip
  • Canopy lighting
  • Electromechanical controller
  • Transparent end panels
  • Thermometer